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Stretch wrappers or pallet wrappers

Stretch wrappers or pallet wrappers can be grouped in the following categories:

  • Semi-automatic stretch wrappers: detect pallet's height while making an optimized wrapping compared to a manual wrapping. At the end of the cycle they require the presence of an operator to cut the film and remove the pallet.
  • Semi-automatic mobile stretch wrappers: can be moved all around the working area. Require the presence of an operator at the end of the cycle to remove the pallet. They are also known as battery stretch wrappers. Robotic stretch wrappers would be also included in this category.
  • Automatic turntable stretch wrappers: automatic wrapping system based on turntable that rotates concentrically with the pallet. This model does not require the presence of operators at the end of cycle due to cutting system 3ALL.
  • Automatic rotary ring stretch wrappers: considered of high production, this model can wrap + 120 pallets / hour. This kind of stretch wrappers is usually integrated in automatic wrapping lines using motorized conveyors to transport loads.
  • Automatic rotary arm stretch wrappers: particularly suitable for unstable loads due to the fact that the pallet is static during wrapping. The presence of an operartor at the end of the cycle is not required.