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Model ARM2500

Automatic rotary arm stretch wrapper or pallet wrapper

Automatic rotary arm stretch wrappers: particularly suitable for unstable loads due to the fact that the pallet is static during wrapping. The presence of an operartor at the end of the cycle is not required. The load to be wrapped is introduced and positioned within the radius of rotation of the arm. The arm will start its rotation at the selected speed depending on the type of wrapping chosen. The arm keeps turning throughout the cycle to the end point where the film cutting is done manually. In the stretch wrapper ARM2500 input, output positioning and loading is automatic, with the necessary interconnections with conveyors and other machines forming the system.

Technical features

  • Production (according load): up to 15 pallets/hour.
  • Rotary arm with anti-obstacles photocell.
  • Rotary arm with variable speed.
  • Automatic wrapping cycle with 3 possibilities: Single / Double / Covered loading.
  • Control panel with clear and easy symbols.
  • Side powered film reel holder with variable speed drive.
  • Motorized pre stretching 300% with roping system.
  • Load height detection by photocell.
  • Electric power: based on the country of destination.
  • 3ALL set (features clamping, cutting and dolly heat sealing)
  • Installed power: 0,5KW
  • Air pressure: 6 bar.

Standard pallet features (others on demand)

  • Type of wrapping: Vertical
  • Maximum height: Up to 2.000mm.
  • Maximum dimensions pallet and load: 1.200 x 1.200mm

Coil specifications

  1. PE sheet.
  2. Width: 500mm.
  3. Thickness: up to 50 microns.


  1. Central conveyor with 3 or 5 powered chains.
  2. Special heights: 2.800 mm, 3.000 mm.
  3. Special weights: 3.000 Kgs.


  1. Sainless steel 430, 304.
  2. Explosion proof.
  3. Subzero temperatures.


  1. Top sheet dispenser TDM1800.
  2. Powered top platen.
  3. Powered “M” pre-stretch.
  4. Powered rollers conveyor.
  5. Powered chains conveyor.
  6. Security fencing 1,800 mm high with access door and anti-intrusion photocells input and output load included mutting.
  7. Pallets lift table.

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